SmileBright ToGo

Starter package with the whitening lamp SmileBright ToGo contains everything to start whitening your teeth immediately. The whitening lamp is easy to assemble and disassemble and to transport in the supplied aluminum case. Ideal if you also want to work mobile at home with clients or at different locations. The lamp is easy to use and has an advanced cooling system. The powerful German LEDs, in combination with the right whitening gel, ensure optimal whitening results. The starter pack comes with all the materials and tools you need for 40 clients.

When purchasing a starter package you get a 50% discount on the teeth whitening training!

Starter pack contains:

  • Teeth whitening lamp SmileBright ToGo
  • Including safety glasses
  • English enough for 40 clients
  • 1 shade guide
  • 4 bottles of activator spray
  • 10 syringes eraser protector
  • 40 finger towels
  • 40 brushes
  • 40 mouth spreaders
  • 40 disposable bibs
  • Theory book
  • Intake form for customer
  • 5 0% Discount onteeth whitening training  with Certificate


Specifications whitening lamp SmileBright ToGo:

  • High-quality German blue LEDs, 36 W.
  • More than 50,000 burning hours
  • Supplied in aluminum case
  • Easy to disassemble Easy to disassemble
  • Adjustable timer
  • Wavelength 465nm-470nm
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