1. Is teeth whitening safe?
Teeth whitening with standard bleaching gels is very safe for the teeth. This gel does not affect the enamel and fillings. The gel is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth. And the treatment can be repeated without problems for optimal results. At SmileBright, you first get an important intake where the history and current state of your teeth is evaluated. Then, we choose the best treatment for the client, depending on the situation of the teeth and the wishes of the client.

2. Can I pick the shade of white that I want for my teeth?
No, it is not possible. With each 60-minute session, your teeth may become 2 to 8 shades lighter. We cannot predict how your teeth will respond to treatment. We guarantee that your teeth will get whiter every 60-minute session. The number of sessions a client needs for the best result depends on your teeth.

3. How long will my teeth stay white?
After a 60-minute bleaching treatment, you will see immediate results. Usually teeth become 4 to 8 shades lighter during the first treatment. The teeth will slowly discolor again. The speed at which discoloration occurs depends on your lifestyle. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea, red wine and smoke a lot, your teeth will discolor faster and you will need a new treatment more quickly. No guarantees can be made due to each patient's personal hygiene and use of colored foods and drinks. But with normal use and normal oral hygiene, the result can last at least a year. In some cases this result will last longer, in others it may be shorter.

4. How long does a treatment take?
SmileBright offers the following treatments:
- Silver Smile 1 session of 20 minutes
- Gold Smile 1 session of 60 minutes
- Diamond Smile 2 sessions of 60 minutes
- Max Pearly White 3 sessions of 60 minutes

Your teeth will become 2 to 8 shades whiter in a 60 minute session. The more sessions you take, the whiter your teeth will become. If this is your first time whitening your teeth, a second treatment within 3 weeks is highly recommended. This treatment will give you the most achievable results, so you can enjoy the withening of your teeth for longer. To maintain the results, it is recommended to repeat one 20-minute bleaching session once every 4 to 6 months. That way, you'll always keep your beautiful smile .

5. Does bleaching hurt?
Whitening teeth with our basic whitening gel is completely painless. If you have very sensitive teeth, your teeth may become a little sensitive with our plus whitening gel during the treatment or for a few hours after the treatment. This quickly goes away. If you have very sensitive teeth, we recommend basic whitening gel for a gentle treatment without sensitivity.

6. Is the LED light harmful?
No, it is 100% safe.

7. Can dental crowns also be bleached?
Dental crowns also become yellow over time due to the consumption of colored foods and drinks. This discolouration can be removed. However, the tooth can never become lighter than the shade that it was fixed in.

If the crown (filling, artificial tooth, etc.) has just been placed, it will not become lighter. There can be color difference between real teeth and crown. If there is already a color difference between the crown and the natural teeth, the color difference will only increase after the bleaching.

8. Can I eat and drink immediately after the treatment?
You should not eat or drink (except water) for 2 hours after the treatment. After 2 hours you are only allowed to drink and eat food that has no color. For the first 24 hours after treatment, you should not consume coffee, red wine and other colored foods. The longer a person avoids colorful food, drink and smoking, the better. For best results, it is wise to stay away from this for the first five days after treatment.

9. What determines the shade of my teeth?
This is determined by:

- Genetic factors
- Consumption: eating, drinking and smoking habits
- Oral care: how often do you brush / floss and how often you visit the dentist.

10. Will I get a fake white after whitening?
Exaggeratedly white teeth that we increasingly see around us are not natural teeth. These are veneers. With teeth whitening, this color cannot be achieved because it is not a natural color. Teeth become on average 2 to 8 shades lighter in each 60 minute session.

11. Can I get tooth sensitivity?
No sensitivity will occur while using the basic bleaching gel. However, the bleaching gel plus may cause sensitivity if you have very sensitive teeth. During the intake, we choose the right product for the client based on the questionnaire and the client's wishes.

12. Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
No, at SmileBright we do not whiten teeth for pregnant or breastfeeding women. There is no research about potential side effects on the baby or the mother. Since there is no knowledge about it we do not take the risk.

With some medications, the tooth discolors from the inside. If this is the case, the result of the treatment may be much less and in some situations gives no result. If you use or have used antibiotics, sleeping pills and/or antidepressants, please let us know during the intake.